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EFEE is made up of a Board of Directors, Committees and volunteers.  We are a group of dedicated individuals who believe children should be given unique educational opportunities. This innovative approach to learning provides children with a chance to explore and create in ways that they will find exciting and engaging. 

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Enfield Foundation for Excellence
in Education

Why Innovation in Education?

The Enfield Foundation for Excellence in Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit education foundation established in Enfield in 2009.  Our mission is to collect and maintain funds, and distribute those funds through grants to support innovative projects and programs that enhance education for the benefit of the children of Enfield. 
Since 2009, EFEE has invested nearly $24,000 back into Enfield, funding projects ranging from supplies to help our emerging readers and their parents to technology for an advanced chemistry class, and everything in between.
EFEE recently incorporated several new initiatives, including program coordination, a student grant program and scholarships.

Transforming the Enfield Education Experience